The story of how Dating Perspectives was born.

It’s almost 18 o’clock, a Zoom call is about to start and we have some random questions and we’re having some answers.

Suddenly someone says: “dating sucks” and a discussion starts about whys, hows and what’s going on with dating nowadays. That was the inspiration for Andrei to suggest weekly meetings to talk about dating, love and relationships.

Maybe you are wondering who we are?

We are Marina and Andrei, two humans with completely different points of view: Marina - born in 1991, living in Bulgaria, single, ex online dating apps addict, no kids, no marriages, and Andrei - born in 1981, living in Romania, divorced, has 2 kids.

Welcome to our discussions and we hope you will find some food for thought!

This time we talk about territory and sexual attraction. Let’s dive in:

Andrei (A): There was an exercise that I did with my coach that somehow struck me and I was just amazed by how powerful it was. In the exercise I morphed into an animal in the wilderness, an…

Andrei (A): I think I need some help with dating. I am quite new to this and nine years ago it was completely different.

Marina (M): First of all you need to have the courage to ask girls out. Usually, men have some blockages to do that. Like fear, shame…

We discuss why people think it’s necessary to be in a relationship.

Andrei (A): Recently someone told me: “You need someone, you need a partner”. I asked why. “I’m ok. I really am ok just as I am now. If it has to happen, it will happen.”, I insisted.

Feeling lonely happens to almost everybody. What we’ve done to escape it will be shared in this discussion.

Marina (M): Dating was my favorite way of escaping loneliness. A few years ago, I was so used to living with my partner, that when we broke up, I literally couldn’t stay…

This discussion is about sensitive topics and the process of being able to talk about those topics. How can we make them less sensitive so we can approach them?
You will see that we did not really talk much about them. Maybe because they are still sensitive?

Andrei (A): For…

Have you noticed how your life looks like a story on repeat?
We’ve seen this in our lives, so we felt too compelled to find a way out of these vicious cycles.

Marina (M): I’ve noticed how in the past two years something similar has been happening to me: I…

We’ve been in so many relationships, some of which we ended. We explore this complicated process that is super simple, actually.

Marina (M): It’s hard to break up with someone.

Andrei (A): Why do you think that is? I feel the same way. Of course, for me, it was a…

In a few of our conversations with Andrei we discussed people’s boundaries and how much people are sharing about themselves. Our main idea is to observe how our expectations influence these relationships.

Andrei (A): Lately I’ve had the feeling that people are hiding behind very strong fences. It’s like they…

Our lives are repeating cycles of beginnings and endings. This applies for our relationships as well. In this conversation with Andrei we dive into the new reality we are in, after we ended our relationships.

Marina (M): You were married for quite some time. How come you got divorced?


Dating Perspectives

Relationship trials and errors from two completely different points of view. We are Andrei and Marina and we share our experiances.

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