In a few of our conversations with Andrei we discussed people’s boundaries and how much people are sharing about themselves. Our main idea is to observe how our expectations influence these relationships.

Andrei (A): Lately I’ve had the feeling that people are hiding behind very strong fences. It’s like they don’t want to share anything and I have to push through their boundaries to reach them.

Marina (M): Of course they have. Especially now, after the lock-downs. I think this also depends on your expectations. If you think and expect to find that kind of person, that’s what your brain will focus on. And that’s what you’ll see in people — closed off individuals with strong boundaries who don’t want to let you into their inner world.

A: This is quite powerful for me. I knew this. I wonder when I’ve forgotten.

M: We all have our coping mechanisms that we develop from childhood. But some are blocking us from achieving more in our lives. That’s why I think it’s very important to be aware of our thoughts, habits and behaviors and — if we want to develop ourselves — to get rid of what doesn’t serve us. It’s a long process and for me it’s much more interesting when I share it with friends!

A: Yeah, like our weekly meeting that I really enjoy!

Do you have sharing circles for your personal development insights?

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